How Trading Stock Market Stocks Made Nicholas Darvas Millions

The Nicholas Darvas Stock Market Success Story (part 2)

It was November 1952. I was playing in Manhattan's "Latin Quarter" in New York when my agent telephoned. He had received an offer for my dancing partner, Julia, to appear in a Toronto nightclub and me. This was owned by twin brothers, Al and Harry Smith, who made me a very unusual proposition. They offered to pay me in stock market stocks instead of money. I have had some strange experiences in show business, but not in stock market stocks.

I made further inquiries and found they were prepared to give me 6,000 stock market stocks in a company called BRILUND. This was a Canadian mining firm in which they were interested. The stock market stocks at that time was quoted at 50 cents a share.

I knew stock market stocks went up and down - that was about all I did know - so I asked the Smith brothers if they would give me the following guarantee: if the stock market stocks went below 50 cents, they would make up the difference. They agreed to do this for a period of six months.

It so happened that I could not keep that Toronto date. I felt badly about letting the brothers down, so I offered to buy the stock market stocks as a gesture. I sent them a check for $3,000 and received 6,000 shares of BRILUND stock market stocks.

I thought no more about it until one day, two months later, I idly glanced at the stock market stocks price in the paper. I shot upright in my chair. My 50-cent BRILUND stock was quoted at $1.90. I sold it at once and made a profit of close to $8,000.

I decided I had been missing a good thing all my life. I made up my mind to go into the stock market. I have never gone back on this decision, but little did I know what problems I would encounter in this unknown jungle.

I knew absolutely nothing about stock market stocks. I was not even aware, for instance, that there was one in New York. All I had heard about were Canadian stock market stocks, particularly mining shares. As they had been very good to me, obviously the smart thing to do was to stay with them.

But how to start? How to find what stock market stocks to buy? You could not pick them out with a pin. You must have information. That was my major problem: how to obtain it. I now realize that this is, in fact, impossible for the ordinary man, but then I thought I had only to ask enough people to learn the great secret. I thought if I asked often enough I would get acquainted with people in the know. I asked everybody I met if they had any stock market stocks information. Working in nightclubs I meet rich people. Rich people must know, So I asked them.

The question was always on my lips: Do you know of any good stock market stocks?" Oddly enough, everybody did seem to know one. It was surprising. Apparently I was the only man in America who did not have his own first-hand stock market stocks information. I listened eagerly to what they had to say and religiously followed their tips. Whatever I was told to buy, I bought. It took me a long time to discover that this is one method that never works. 

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