To Regain My Composure, I Had To Ignore Any Outside Stock Market Investing Information

The Nicholas Darvas Stock Market Investing Information Success Story (part 56)

I impatiently waited for the next day's cable. When I received it, there was no doubt: the stock market investing information was clearer and more familiar. As though a veil was being lifted, once again the stock market investing information started to form before my eyes, giving me some view of the stock's future.

In the days that followed my stock market investing information became clearer and clearer; I started reading the quotes like my old self. Once more I could see that some of the stocks were stronger, others weaker. Simultaneously my "feeling" started to return. Gradually, like an invalid, I began to regain my confidence. I recovered enough courage to try to approach the market again.

But I had learned my lesson. I decided to make it a permanent rule that I must never visit a brokerage office again for stock market investing information. Also my brokers must be prohibited from picking up the telephone and calling me. I must only have stock market investing information by cable - and nothing else.

Even if I returned to the New York hotel, the scene of my disastrous dealings, which is within a short taxi ride off Wall Street, my instructions would be unyielding. I must place Wall Street thousands of miles away from me. Every day my brokers must send me a telegram with stock market investing information just as if I were in Hong Kong, Karachi or Stockholm.

Also, my brokers must never quote any stock market investing information to me, except the information that I asked for. They must not tell me about any new stock because that would immediately come into the rumor class. I would pick new stock market investing information myself, as I had always done, by reading my weekly financial paper. When I saw one that interested me and seemed to be preparing for a rise, I would ask for quotations. I would only ask for one new quotation at a time. Then, as I did before, I would study it carefully before deciding if it was worth going into.

Like a man who has survived a plane crash and knows he must fly again immediately or lose his nerve, I knew only one way of making this method foolproof. I booked myself on a plane back to New York. 


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