Not All Of My Stock Market Investing Advice Was Perfect, But Neither Is The Stock Market

The Nicholas Darvas Stock Investing Advice Success Story (part 58)

This being the stock market, not all my stock market investing advice was successful. A number of stocks I bought did not behave as I had predicted. These are some of my transactions ending with a loss:

My stock market investing advice confirms my method completely. You will notice that in each case I was successful in taking larger profits than losses in proportion to the amounts invested. Remember that all these operations were entirely done by telegram from New York to New York. I had never seen or spoken to my brokers even once.

Many times during the day's trading when some of my stock market investing advice began to flutter and fail like a dying bird, they must have itched to pick up a telephone and alert me. They must have felt I was the biggest fool in the world to forbid them to do it. But my rule was rigid. I heard the news - good or bad - every day at 6 P.M. when my telegrams arrived. Then I began to act on their stock market investing advice.

During the few weeks I spent trading with my stock market investing advice in New York, signs of trouble started to show up in UNIVERSAL CONTROLS. It began to lose its steady upward marching progress. Its activity and price advance became wild - too wild.

This spelled trouble and trouble surely came. After an advance from 66 in the first week of March, my stock market investing advice saw the stock rise within three weeks to 102. It was at this point that it switched its momentum and began to go in the other direction. I did not like the look of this drop at all. It fell as if in an air pocket and there seemed no sign of a rise. I had little doubt that the holiday was over.

If I were not careful I might get caught in a nose dive, so my stock market investing advice forced me to bring up my stop-loss within two points of the day's closing price. I was sold out of UNIVERSAL CONTROLS next morning at varying prices between 86% and 89%. This was more than 12 points from the high. I was well content with this. There was no reason why anyone should be unhappy with my stock market investing advice. I had had a good long ride and my total selling price was $524,669.97. This gave me a profit of $409,356.48.

My stock market investing advice had left me with a very large capital to invest. I took a careful look at the market, looking as usual for an actively traded, high-priced stock. Another problem arose at this point, which made a suitable stock more difficult to find. With this amount of money to spend I must be careful not to allow my own buying and stock market investing advice unduly to influence the market.

After some search, my stock market investing advice lead me to a stock that fulfilled all these difficult requirements. It was TEXAS INSTRUMENTS.

I bought my first 2,000 shares at an average price of 94 & three eighths in the second week of April and another 1,500 at 97 & seven eighths. As the stock continued to act well, I added to my holdings 2,000 shares.

The average price of this last purchase was 101%. This, as you realize, involved big money, more than half a million dollars in fact. The details of my TEXAS INSTRUMENTS purchases looked like this:



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