The Darvas Story... Told By Darvas Himself.

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Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about this Nicolas Darvas and why he had such an impact. It’s truly an inspiring story...

Before Darvas came to America, he studied economics at the University of Budapest. During World War II, he fled Hungary for Turkey. Until 1951, when he emigrated to the United States, he trained with his half sister, Julia, to be a ballroom dancer.

Over the next few years, Darvas and Julia became the highest paid ballroom dancing pair in the United States. The pair became so successful that by 1956 they were touring the world.

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While on tour a Toronto nightclub owner could not pay Darvas in cash, so he paid him with three thousand shares of a Canadian mining company called Brilund. Almost two months later, the stock tripled and Darvas made a tidy profit. This was the birth of a trader that would later become a wall street classic…

In fact, in May 1959, the Time Magazine devoted almost a full page in its Business section to the extraordinary Stock-Market story of a dancer—Nicolas Darvas.

The Times told how this complete non-professional, who ignores tips, financial stories and brokers letters was able to make himself a millionaire several times over. With just $10,000 to invest, he managed to make $2,000,000 in just 18 Months in the stock market. What’s even more exciting is the fact that he did so while on tour overseas.

The story of Nicolas Darvas is one of the astonishing legends of today's America.

In the morning of September 3, 1958, the following cable arrived at the Gloucester Hotel in the Crown Colony of Hong Kong:

"BOUGHT 1300 THIOKOL 49⅞ . . ."

This purchase represented one part of a chain of purchases that were to net $2,000,000 in eighteen months. This is the story of the events that led up to it...
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